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Electronic Orange - hand-crafted & hand-wired analogue guitar pedals
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-------------- 2018 --------------

23.4. We are very happy to announce that we've got four pedals in "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets". Garry Kemp is occasionaly rocking his Moon Vibe MkII, and Lee Harris uses Pig Hoofs and Bananaboost. I could see the band in Lipzig, the sound was simply there (it made me feel very, very proud).

-------------- 2017 --------------

13.7. We ship to Canada.

-------------- 2016 --------------

23.9. Lee Harris of The Blockheads is a happy Pig Hoof MKII owner.

20.1. Gilmourish.com have published a review of our Bananaboost.

-------------- 2015 --------------

5.8. Andrzej Kwiatkowski send us a video, where he presents an excellent combination of Pig Hoof MkII and BK Butler Tube driver.

2.7. We finally released an improved Bananaboost. This one is 18V based, with plenty of headroom and a new look.

1.1. Guns N'Roses drummer, composer and guitarist Matt Sorum owns two of our pedals - Pig Hoof a Moon Vibe MkII.

------------- 2013 ------------

20.8. Gilmourish.com have published a review of our Moon Vibe MkII.

8.5. The long awaited Moon Vibe MkII has been released today, with very short waiting list.

2.5. 27.05. Gilmourish.com have published a review of our Pig Hoof MkII.

------------- 2012 ------------

03.11. Widara company has introduced our model of a simple rock stage theremin under a name Distant Voices.
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Scrambled Eggs (octave fuzz)

Electronic Orange: Scrambled EggsThe bare enclosure dimensions:
Height: 3.5 cm
Width: 9.4 cm
Lenght: 12 cm
Weight: 400 g

Power: 9 VDC
Current draw: 2.85 mA (+LED)

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Scrambled Eggs is a clone of the Scrambler pedal by Ampeg. The company have supposedly make only 200 pieces of this unit in 1968, so no wonder the price of the original units reached truly astronomic level. We have seen a few pieces in a boutique guitar shop on Sunset Boulevard LA for $1200, which is an amount for what you can get a fine Stratocaster next door at Sam Ash.
Scrambler produces a fuzz sound with octave-up effect (like Octavia). Like in case of of the FZ-1S, you can mix the fuzz tone with the buffered clean signal by the Blend knob. When you turn the Blend and Octave knobs all the way down you can use the pedal as a buffer. There is no volume control on this pedal since the output signal is kind of quiet - the max volume is about unity level with the bypassed signal. Scrambled Eggs is an exact copy of the original circuit, we also use the original NOS transistors and diodes to achieve the original sound.

Original units used by: The Edge
Controls: Blend, Octave
Contemporary trend: LED, DC socket, True Bypass ON/OFF foot switch

Sound samples

Sound samples Les Paul standard 1977 & VOX AC15: left channel - Octave up, right channel - Octave turned down
Sound samples Les Paul standard 1977 & VOX AC15: Octave turned all the way down
Sound samples Les Paul standard 1977 & VOX AC15: Octave to the max
The price includes:

- 10V battery
- Cliff foot switch
- low capacity jack sockets by Cliff
- hight quality battery clips by Cliff
- top quality Panasonic Low Voltage capacitors where needed
- thick wires for the maximum sound fidelity and overall durability
- durable internal design
- vintage 2N5306 transistors and 1N456A diodes that were in the original units

The battery life will be extended by unplugging the instrument jack when the pedal is not in use. Plugging in a wall wart jack also disconnect the battery and saves its life.
Electronic Orange: Scrambled Eggs Electronic Orange: Scrambled Eggs Electronic Orange: Scrambled Eggs 


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