Electronic Orange - hand-crafted & hand-wired analogue guitar pedals
Electronic Orange - hand-crafted & hand-wired analogue guitar pedals
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-------------- 2022 --------------
12.12. I'd like to proudly announce that my long awaited take on Fuzz Face, called Diamond has been finished, and you can order it.
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Al Anderson of The Wailers (Bob Marley) had heard the Bananaboost somewhere in L.A. and he promptly ordered one for himself :) These beautiful moments are absolutely worth all the sweat.

Howdy! You can pay in USD if you please, and with a pretty friendly conversion rate :) The majority of my customers have been Americans and so this may help you guys.

-------------- 2018 --------------

23.4. I am very happy to announce that i've got four pedals in "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets". Garry Kemp is occasionaly rocking his Moon Vibe MkII, and Lee Harris uses Pig Hoofs and Bananaboost. I saw the band in Lipzig, the sound was amazing (it made me feel very, very proud).

-------------- 2016 --------------

23.9. Lee Harris of The Blockheads is a happy Pig Hoof MKII owner.

20.1. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Bananaboost.

-------------- 2015 --------------

5.8. Andrzej Kwiatkowski send me a video, where he presents an excellent combination of Pig Hoof MkII and BK Butler Tube driver.

2.7. I finally released an improved Bananaboost. This one is 18V based, with plenty of headroom and a new look.

1.1. Guns N'Roses drummer, composer and guitarist Matt Sorum owns two of my pedals - Pig Hoof a Moon Vibe MkII.

------------- 2013 ------------

20.8. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Moon Vibe MkII.

8.5. The long awaited Moon Vibe MkII has been released today, with very short waiting list.

2.5. 27.05. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Pig Hoof MkII.

------------- 2012 ------------

03.11. Widara company has released my design of a simple rock stage theremin under a name Distant Voices.
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Electronic Orange - hand-crafted & hand-wired analogue guitar pedals

I've got 3 pedals in the new Nick Mason's band

Welcome to Electronic Orange,

i build hand-made, hand-wired boutique guitar pedals as well as other pieces of useful musical gear. Almost all my pedals are based on well known, antique guitar pedals that have been popular in 60's and 70's. Since those vintage beauties are kind of hard to reach these days - unless you want to pay a fortune - i provide a cheaper way to get the sound of 60's.

My Philosophy

This is a one man business, and that means there is a limited output, which means i build on demand only. On the other hand, this way i have enough time and energy to concentrate on details, and provide my customers with quality gear both sound-wise and craft-wise:

  • All my pedals are hand-made. That literally means i make each pedal with my own pair of hands. I have also designed all the graphics.

  • All my pedals are equipped with True Bypass switching

  • The key vintage semiconductors used are measured and hand selected. I also put a lot of effort to find the correct models of the semiconductors, so they are identical to the originals, or at least a fine substitution.

  • The insides of the pedals are being made with a great care, with emphasis on durability.

  • The wires used are reliable and thick enough to keep the fidelity of the sound.

  • I use the Cliff components for foot-switches, sockets and battery clips.

  • The battery clips are not the usual flimsy junk production, but durable and easy-to-remove designed, sturdy, plastic clips.

  • Every pedal is equipped with a battery, DC socket and LED.

  • LED diodes are selected for a low current draw - no ultra-bright, eye-burning, battery sucking LEDs.

Jan Horinek, Prague, CZ.

Click on Guitar Pedals to see my cataloque for more information and prices. The information on shipping and payment methods, as well as a step-by-step description of "how to order" can be found in Terms & Conditions

happyhop.cz: Diamondhappyhop.cz: Moon Vibe MkIIhappyhop.cz: Pig Hoofhappyhop.cz: Pig Hoof MkII
happyhop.cz: Bananaboosthappyhop.cz: Spaghetti Wah: an upgrade of your old wah pedal


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