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-------------- 2022 --------------
12.12. I'd like to proudly announce that my long awaited take on Fuzz Face, called Diamond has been finished, and you can order it.
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Al Anderson of The Wailers (Bob Marley) had heard the Bananaboost somewhere in L.A. and he promptly ordered one for himself :) These beautiful moments are absolutely worth all the sweat.

Howdy! You can pay in USD if you please, and with a pretty friendly conversion rate :) The majority of my customers have been Americans and so this may help you guys.

-------------- 2018 --------------

23.4. I am very happy to announce that i've got four pedals in "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets". Garry Kemp is occasionaly rocking his Moon Vibe MkII, and Lee Harris uses Pig Hoofs and Bananaboost. I saw the band in Lipzig, the sound was amazing (it made me feel very, very proud).

-------------- 2016 --------------

23.9. Lee Harris of The Blockheads is a happy Pig Hoof MKII owner.

20.1. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Bananaboost.

-------------- 2015 --------------

5.8. Andrzej Kwiatkowski send me a video, where he presents an excellent combination of Pig Hoof MkII and BK Butler Tube driver.

2.7. I finally released an improved Bananaboost. This one is 18V based, with plenty of headroom and a new look.

1.1. Guns N'Roses drummer, composer and guitarist Matt Sorum owns two of my pedals - Pig Hoof a Moon Vibe MkII.

------------- 2013 ------------

20.8. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Moon Vibe MkII.

8.5. The long awaited Moon Vibe MkII has been released today, with very short waiting list.

2.5. 27.05. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Pig Hoof MkII.

------------- 2012 ------------

03.11. Widara company has released my design of a simple rock stage theremin under a name Distant Voices.
More in my blog.
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Tuning the sensitivity of Distant Voices Theremin

Electronic Orange: Tuning the sensitivity of Distant Voices Theremin
It is necessary to tune the theremin up before your performance starts.

1. Make sure the theremin has got a 9V battery connected inside, or a 9v power adapter of the appropriate polarity connected to the DC plug on the side.

2. Place the theremin on a chair or a stand, simply somewhere above the floor. Make sure that there are no other objects or people standing within about 1 meter of the antenna pole. Objects or people in the vicinity could interact with the antenna. You need your arm to be the only thing that interacts with the antenna.

3. Plug the theremin to your amp and pull the antenna pole all the way out. Make sure the theremin is off.

4. Turn your amp on. Turn the volume on your amp down, so it won’t hurt your ears when the theremin comes alive. Your Distant Voices Theremin has no volume pot, but can get very loud, so please take this point seriously. You can always adjust the volume on your amp to your liking later.

5. Use the toggle switch on the side to turn the theremin on. You may hear the theremin making sounds right now. If you can’t hear any sound, try to turn the “Adjust” knob around. If you still cannot get the sound out of it, set the ”Adjust” knob to the middle position and use a small screwdriver to turn the little screw on the right-hand side of the knob. As soon as you can hear the sound, set the screw so the pitch of the sound is low.

6. Now it is time to adjust the active zone around the pole. This means the space around the pole where the theremin responds to your arm movement. The zone shall not be too narrow, because you want a reasonable space around the pole to perform. The zone shall not be too wide either, so the sound dies completely when you move your arm away.
Step away from the theremin, and using just one hand, turn the “Adjust” knob around until the pitch of tone gets low (right before it dies out). Now, this is the basic position where the fine adjustment starts. You want to set the active zone around the pole to about 40-80cm. The theremin shall stay completely quiet when you move you arms outside of the active zone.
For a fine adjustment, you have to gently turn the knob (just a hair) to make the active zone change its size.

You basically have to repeatedly:
- turn the knob a hair
- move your hand away from the pole
- check the size of the “active zone”.
Be patient - very tiny changes of the knob may cause big changes to the size of the active zone.

7. Adjust the volume on your amp as needed.


A. When you move your arm towards the pole, the pitch must go up. If it goes down instead, you have to use a small screwdriver and gently readjust the tuning screw (see the point 5 above).

B. We strongly recommend plugging a delay effect in between the theremin and the amp. The right balance of delay is the secret to the magic of the Theremin. Any digital or tape delay will do. Remember - you use one hand to control the pitch of the Theremin, and the other hand to fiddle with the delay settings at the same time to create the right psychedelic sounds.

C. You don’t need a separate amp for the theremin while performing with your band. Just plug the cord off of your guitar and plug it in the theremin.

D. During the performance, the pole shall always be unfolded all the way up. Otherwise it may not be possible to tune the theremin at all. When you fold the pole back, do it carefully with both hands.

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