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14.8. I provide free tracked international shipping to the USA, EUROPE and few other countries.


12.12. I'd like to proudly announce that my long awaited take on Fuzz Face, called Diamond has been finished, and you can order it.

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Al Anderson of The Wailers (Bob Marley) had heard the Bananaboost somewhere in L.A. and he promptly ordered one for himself :) These beautiful moments are absolutely worth all the sweat.


Howdy! You can pay in USD if you please, and with a pretty friendly conversion rate :) The majority of my customers have been Americans and so this may help you guys.


23.4. I am very happy to announce that i've got four pedals in "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets". Garry Kemp is occasionaly rocking his Moon Vibe MkII, and Lee Harris uses Pig Hoofs and Bananaboost. I saw the band in Lipzig, the sound was amazing (it made me feel very, very proud).


23.9. Lee Harris of The Blockheads is a happy Pig Hoof MKII owner.

20.1. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Bananaboost.


5.8. Andrzej Kwiatkowski send me a video, where he presents an excellent combination of Pig Hoof MkII and BK Butler Tube driver.

2.7. I finally released an improved Bananaboost. This one is 18V based, with plenty of headroom and a new look.

1.1. Guns N'Roses drummer, composer and guitarist Matt Sorum owns two of my pedals - Pig Hoof a Moon Vibe MkII.


20.8. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Moon Vibe MkII.

8.5. The long awaited Moon Vibe MkII has been released today, with very short waiting list.

2.5. 27.05. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Pig Hoof MkII.


03.11. Widara company has released my design of a simple rock stage theremin under a name Distant Voices.
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Boutique guitar pedals i can personally make for you

I had an interview and two pedals to review for Tone Quest magazine, 09/2023 Vol.24 No.11. Darrell Scott, who played in Robert Plant's Band of Joy for years, visited the Tone Qest HQ and played the Moon Vibe MkII:

"Darrell sat in front of the 1964 Deluxe Reverb with the Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII for a couple of hours late one afternoon, and proceeded to pour out note after note, layers of chordal haunting grooves. “Where can I get one of these?” was all he asked. Why Jan in Prague, we shared. And funny you should ask, as there is currently on original Uni-Vibe owned by Hendrix for sale offered by Leon Hendrix for thirty-five thousand, interested? Um, no, this Moon-Vibe is badass."
added: January 1, 2023
Electronic Orange: Diamond
Diamond fuzz is based on classic silicon Fuzz Face, one of the most famous 60s / 70s fuzz boxes, which have been used by many star guitarists like Jimy Hendrix, David Gilmour or Duane Allman. Despite my great admiration of Fuzz Faces, they’ve had a few features that never really worked well. I reworked them to my liking, and so it happened that the Diamond was born. Original units used by: Jimy Hendrix, David Gilmour or Duane Allman Controls: Volume, Color, Fuzzzz, Bass cut...
PRICE: 224 EUR / 244 USD
free shipping to most destinations
Moon Vibe MkII
added: August 20, 2013
Electronic Orange: Moon Vibe MkII
Moon Vibe MkII is an improved clone of the famous late 60s phaser Uni-Vibe. The Uni-Vibe was invented by the Japanese engineer Fumio Mieda in 1968, and consequently manufactured by Shin-Ei/Univox/Unicord. The unusual phasing unit quickly made its way to the rigs of guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, etc. The original design uses a pulsing light bulb to control seemingly randomly designed phase stages (apparently tuned by ear by Mr. Mieda, as there is no logical order in the...
PRICE: 319 EUR / 348 USD
free shipping to most destinations
Pig Hoof
added: August 31, 2010
Electronic Orange: Pig Hoof
Pig Hoof is a replica of the Big Muff П (BMP) model, that was manufactured by Electro Harmonix around the mid 70s under the nickname "Ram's Head". As David Gilmour devoted fan, i was just obliged to make my own Ram's Head clone. David purchased his model in around 1975 in Manny's, NY. In 1977 (during the Animals tour) the Ram's became his main distortion pedal, retiring the old silicon Fuzz Face for good. Since i was lucky enough to put my fingers on an original 70s Ram's Head unit, i used...
PRICE: 224 EUR / 244 USD
free shipping to most destinations
Pig Hoof MkII
added: April 25, 2013
Electronic Orange: Pig Hoof MkII
Pig Hoof MkII is a sound variant to my well established Pig Hoof, which is a 70s Big Muff Ram's Head clone. Original units used by: David Gilmour, Santana, Black Keys and tons of the other heroes Controls: Volume, Tone, Sustain Contemporary trend: internal pre-gain trim pot, LED, DC socket, True Bypass ON/OFF foot switch
PRICE: 224 EUR / 244 USD
free shipping to most destinations
added: July 2, 2015
Electronic Orange: Bananaboost
Bananaboost is a replica of the legendary 18V Power Boost by Colorsound. At the time Colorsound launched the first batch of their new booster units, the most commonly used boosters would be probably Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster and Electro Harmonix LPB (Linear Power Booster). Both of these models were very simple, minimalistic, one knob designs. A Booster is meant to boost the clean guitar signal with no distortion of its own, so it drives the amp and lets the amp do the rest of the job....
PRICE: 224 EUR / 244 USD
free shipping to most destinations
Spaghetti Wah: an upgrade of your old wah pedal
added: July 16, 2010
Electronic Orange: Spaghetti Wah: an upgrade of your old wah pedal
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since i have no access to wah enclosures, our Spaghetti Wah will be built into your own enclosure that you have to send to me first. Spaghetti wah is a clone of the classic early 60's Real McCoy wah pedals by VOX. These beauties were manufactured in Italy and they were equipped with an axial Hallo inductor (two different types by time) and a wah pot with a special taper marked ICAR. Due to their sweet tone of vocal-like quality, Italian VOX Real McCoy wahs are the most...
PRICE: 145 EUR / 158 USD
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