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14.8. I provide free tracked international shipping to the USA, EUROPE and few other countries.


12.12. I'd like to proudly announce that my long awaited take on Fuzz Face, called Diamond has been finished, and you can order it.

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Al Anderson of The Wailers (Bob Marley) had heard the Bananaboost somewhere in L.A. and he promptly ordered one for himself :) These beautiful moments are absolutely worth all the sweat.


Howdy! You can pay in USD if you please, and with a pretty friendly conversion rate :) The majority of my customers have been Americans and so this may help you guys.


23.4. I am very happy to announce that i've got four pedals in "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets". Garry Kemp is occasionaly rocking his Moon Vibe MkII, and Lee Harris uses Pig Hoofs and Bananaboost. I saw the band in Lipzig, the sound was amazing (it made me feel very, very proud).


23.9. Lee Harris of The Blockheads is a happy Pig Hoof MKII owner.

20.1. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Bananaboost.


5.8. Andrzej Kwiatkowski send me a video, where he presents an excellent combination of Pig Hoof MkII and BK Butler Tube driver.

2.7. I finally released an improved Bananaboost. This one is 18V based, with plenty of headroom and a new look.

1.1. Guns N'Roses drummer, composer and guitarist Matt Sorum owns two of my pedals - Pig Hoof a Moon Vibe MkII.


20.8. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Moon Vibe MkII.

8.5. The long awaited Moon Vibe MkII has been released today, with very short waiting list.

2.5. 27.05. Gilmourish.com have published a review of my Pig Hoof MkII.


03.11. Widara company has released my design of a simple rock stage theremin under a name Distant Voices.
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Moon Vibe MkII

Electronic Orange: Moon Vibe MkII
Bare enclosure dimensions:

Height: 4.5 cm
Width: 15.4 cm
Lenght: 9.2 cm
Weight: 650 g

Power: 18 VDC
Current draw: 40 mA (+LED)
PRICE: 319 EUR / 348 USD
free shipping to most destinations
The waiting time is currently till July 2024.
Electronic Orange: Moon Vibe MkIIElectronic Orange: Moon Vibe MkIIElectronic Orange: Moon Vibe MkII
Review of the Moon Vibe MKII at gilmourish.com by Bjorn Riis.
see more videos at the bottom of the page ...

Description & History

Moon Vibe MkII is an improved clone of the famous late 60s phaser Uni-Vibe. The Uni-Vibe was invented by the Japanese engineer Fumio Mieda in 1968, and consequently manufactured by Shin-Ei/Univox/Unicord. The unusual phasing unit quickly made its way to the rigs of guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, etc.

The original design uses a pulsing light bulb to control seemingly randomly designed phase stages (apparently tuned by ear by Mr. Mieda, as there is no logical order in the part values). Another feature is that the depth of the phasing effect depends on the speed - the higher speed brings more depth, the lower speed makes the phasing go smoother.

Unlike the other phasers, Uni-Vibe(a well-built unit) provides a very prominent, deep and natural sounding effect - nothing like those 70s chemical, disco sounds. There was also a toggle switch mounted on every unit, to swap between Phaser and Chorus effect. The switch was misleadingly marked as "Chorus/Vibrato", where "Chorus" was describing the phasing effect, and "Vibrato" the weird chorus effect.

If you want to hear a real unit (as the eBay prices go over $1500) check out Jimi Hendrix songs like Machine Gun or Angel, or Breathe/Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd. Another "Vibe album" to mention would be probably "Bridge of Sights" by Robin Trower.
Moon-Vibe MkII is an exact Uni-Vibe clone with some extra features that improve the behaviour of the original units

Original units used by: Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Robin Trower ...
Controls: Volume, Symmetry, Intensity, Speed, Chorus/Vibrato switch
Contemporary trend: pulsing yellow/red LED indicator, speed mod ala Gilmour, internal "brilliance" trimmer, True Bypass switching

Main features

Moon Vibe MkII

  • The quality of the phasing of the originals varied from unit to unit, as the depth of the "heart-beat" very much depends on precise values of the particular parts. That's why i hand-pick the crucial parts for every Moon Vibe MkII unit to achieve the best results.

  • Moon Vibe MkII incorporates the true bypass switching (7), where the originals did not have any bypass at all. The original units were fully engaged all the time, and musicians just used the expression pedal to turn the effect down by lowering the bulb intensity. Also, the volume drop that often follows true bypass installation has been eliminated. When you turn the volume knob (1) all the way up, the level of the wet sound will be lauder than the clean, bypassed sound.

  • The "Symmetry" control knob (2) lets you set the character of the phasing to your own taste. It adjusts how much the phaser pumps towards the dark and light side of the phase. The "Intensity" knob (3) sets the depth of the phasing. The depth range goes all the way from a subtle waving to a deep "heard-beat" like pumping.

  • Moon Vibe features the mod that has been introduced in David Gilmour's unit - the higher speed mod. David Gilmour used the top speed in Any Colour You Like. Instead of the expression pedal (speed control) that was provided with the original units, Moon Vibe has a large speed knob (4) that can be operated by your foot, and gives you better visual perception of the speed selected.

  • There is a pulsing LED indicator (6) that visually shows the speed selected. The foot-switch marked "Mode" (5) switches between "Chorus"(= phaser) and "Vibrato" effect, as the original units did. The LED indicator turns yellow when you switch to "Chorus" and red when you switch to "Vibrato".

  • Polyester caps are used instead of the electrolytes. They are more durable and keep better sound fidelity. This is not a mandatory approach though, i can use electrolyte on demand.

  • When you turn the pedal off, the bulb light is turned down. This clever feature extends the light bulb's life span.


  • the pedal is powered by an 18V DC power adapter that is included in the package

  • it comes with an extension piece, so you can use it in your country

  • the DC socket (8) is located on the side of the enclosure

  • the polarity of the power adapter follows the guitar pedal standard: (-) inside the barrel, (+) on the shield.

The price includes

  • power adapter 100-230VAC / 18V DC with the mains plug that fits your country outlets

  • 5 rubber adhesive feet (one spare)

  • hand-picked, ear-tested, vintage 70s Czech photocells

  • a hard-to-find reverse log pot for speed control as it was used in the original units

  • quality switches by Cliff

  • true bypass switching

  • low capacity jack sockets by Cliff

  • thick wires to keep the maximum sound fidelity and overall durability

  • firm and durable internal design


The ToneQuest Report, September 2023 Vol.24 No.11

"Within a week of Jan’s pedals being aired out in Texas, our good friend Darrell Scott arrived with his wife, dog, and camper truck on a tour. They stayed for a few days in the sunroom, and there was music and guitars playing non-stop. Plus, early morning coffee Darrell Scott & Robert Plant and breakfast tacos. If you don’t know who Darrell is, he’s just some fellow who was Robert Plant’s hired guitarist
on the Band of Joy tours, and also the Zac Brown Band, and so many others along with the hit songs he’s written such as “Never Leave Harlan Alive” and “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive.”

Darrell sat in front of the 1964 Deluxe Reverb with the Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII for a couple of hours late one afternoon, and proceeded to pour out note after note, layers of chordal haunting grooves. “Where can I get one of these?” was all he asked. Why Jan in Prague, we shared. And funny you should ask, as there is currently on original Uni-Vibe owned by Hendrix for sale offered by Leon Hendrix for thirty-five thousand, interested? Um, no, this Moon-Vibe is badass.

Along with Jan’s hand-picked true vintage Czechoslovakian photocells and solid heavy wiring, it has knobs for Volume, Symmetry, Intensity, and an oversized Speed dial you could move with your foot while in full flight, as well as internal board trimmers for bulb brightness, and brilliance of the tones. The factory settings are superb, but
you could try tweaking if you wanted to. Jan even added the Gilmour “high speed” range mod capacity that David reportedly had for songs like “Any Colour You Like.”

This pedal sounds OLD and richly SWAMPY! Like something, you’d find in an estate sale on the best day of your life. Oh, so vintage is this Moon-Vibe MkII spaceship ride. Righteous. Righteous. Righteous. The fat wide glide throb and swirl are just plain wonderful. Picture the dreamy Bridge of Sighs, if the bridge was a thousand miles long across the sea. Quest forth … "

ToneQuest Report web

Famous owners

Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet and new Nicka Mason
Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet and new Nick Mason's band uses our Moon Vibe MkII.

Matt Sorum of GunsNRoses owns our Moon Vibe MkII
Matt Sorum of GunsNRoses owns our Moon Vibe MkII.

Paul Stacey owns our Moon Vibe MkII

Michael Risberg owns our Moon Vibe MkII

Sound files

Andrea Magri plays Breathe with Moon Vibe MkII engaged.

Youtube clips

JM. Mondelo presents all kinds of sounds on his Moon Vibe MkII. This is the old silk-printed one, however the circuit inside is identical to the new ones, there was no reason to change anythng. The new ones have just silk-printed aluminum faceplate on the top i use now to achieve a better print resolution.
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